Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Where is the outrage?

It is a hard time to find space for Autism in the news today between our election, the political crisis in Zimbabwe, the war, our economy, the price of gas....I could go on and on. One could argue that without a sudden cure or conclusive evidence of a cause, Autism isn't headline material. What irks me though, is that just below the surface, with minimal digging, there are startling facts about the relationship between vaccines and Autism and none of it ever makes it into mainstream media!

I am going to list a few of the staggering pieces of information I guarantee I wouldn’t know about, if we weren't struggling to pull Nick out of Autism. Please share these with anyone who will listen.

1.David Kirby, author of Evidence of Harm, former NYT journalist, and frequent blogger on the Huffington Post, in his presentation to Parliament earlier this spring, states that the newest Autism prevalence data, the 1out of 150 actually dates from 2002.

2.We throw the word thimerosal around like it is the only bad guy in the vaccine debate. But that's not true. When Thimerosal was supposedly eliminated or decreased, the preservative Aluminum was increased. Aluminum is a known Neuro-toxin, it over stimulates the immune system, it damages mitochondria, and it works synergistically with mercury. And there is Aluminum in more vaccines today and in greater amounts!

3.The CDC conceded that Hannah Poling was injured by vaccines due to a "rare" Mitochondrial Disorder, rendering her case the exception. However, it turns out that the susceptibility for Mitochondrial dysfunction, is actually as high as 1 out of 50 children. What pushes the susceptibility into a disorder? 75% of mitochondrial disorders are caused by environmental triggers. Mitochondria are particularly vulnerable to; mercury, aluminum, pesticides, formaldehyde, alcohol, and AZT. Some of the markers for mitochondrial disorder; weak muscle tone, fatigue, and poor digestion are omni-present in the Autism population. As the sign of a dad a the DC March read "RARE MITOCHONDRIAL DISORDER MY *SS!"

4.In 2000 the CDC held a secret meeting in Simpsonwood, Georgiato discuss the increasing evidence of link between autism and thimerosal and the transcript, in the words of Robert Kennedy, Jr “is the most horrifying thing you can ever read!” Just google Simpsonwood Transcript and you can read for yourself but those tight on time, I am including a few choice quotes. Dr. Johnson, p.198 “This association leads me to favor a recommendation that infants up to two years old not be immunized with thimerosal containing vaccines,” he continues mentioning the birth of a recent Grandson, “I do not want that Grandson to get a thimerosal containing vaccine until we know better what is going on.” Dr. Weil, there representing the American Academy of Pediatrics states, p.207, “The number of dose related relationships are linear and statistically significant. You can play with this all you want. They are linear. They are statistically significant.” On p.208 he continues “we don’t see that kind of genetic change in 30 years.” Dr. Clemens states, p247-248 “I wonder how on earth we ae going to handle it from here.”

5.There was no safety level established for direct injection of mercury into the bloodstream, there has never been any type of safety level established for any exposure to the type of mercury thimerosal is, ethylmercury. The FDA and CDC had to rely on the safety levels established by the EPA for non injected mercury and not ethylmercury! The CDC and FDA checked all of the established safety levels for non injected mercury exposure and reported during a Congressional Investigation that thimerosal in vaccines caused infants to exceed safety levels established by all four government agencies including their own. Those agencies are the EPA, World Health Organization (WHO), FDA, and ATSDR which is the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry. To date the FDA and CDC still claim that thimerosal in vaccines only exceeded the EPA safety limits. Utilizing Merck Pharmaceutical's Minimum Risk levels against the EPA safe limits- a child was at risk of mercury overdose at each vaccination point if they followed the Childhood Vaccination Schedule (birth, 1 month, 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, 15-18 months).80% of the Flu Vaccine being produced today contain full doses of thimerosal. The flu shot is strongly recommended as of 2004, for all infants, all children every year until the age of 5 and all pregnant women.

As I write this I am so upset my hands are shaking. For those of you lucky enough to have dodged the Autism bullet please lend a hand to those of us struggling to get the word out about the need to clean up our vaccines. If the Autism mom's and dad's are the only one's screaming and yelling about this, we look crazy and frankly raising a child with so many sensitivities and obstacles to learning and connecting to people is enough to make one crazy already.

Please let not one more child be Neuro-toxically damaged by vaccines. Thank you, Alison MacNeil

This is like the bumper sticker IF YOU AREN'T OUTRAGED, YOU AREN'T PAYING ATTENTION!